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Call for Volunteers!

Call for Volunteers

Thursday, Jul 06, 2017


The impending retirement of Station Manager Bob Thomason has KLZR searching for the technical expertise we will need to keep KLZR on the air.   Bob has been the man behind the scenes since day one of radio in the Wet Mountain Valley.  Bob has overseen the computer network, our radio station specific software, created web pages for KLZR events, and generally done whatever has needed to be done as problems have developed. Les Schickling has also recently retired from the station after many years of service in technical support of KLZR operations.

KLZR is actively seeking technical help.   There will never be another Bob Thomason, but we hope to assemble a team of volunteers that are collectively willing to take on Bob and Les' role at KLZR. Those with any combination of needed skills are encouraged to contact KLZR.  These skills include IT / Network management, computer maintenance, web development, radio broadcast equipment maintenance and most important of all, a willingness to tackle whatever technical issues may arise. No broadcast experience is required.

We would love to hear from you!   We do have a document that describes in detail various duties that are involved in keeping KLZR on the air and would be happy to share it with those interested.

KLZR is always looking for new volunteers.   In addition to our urgent search for technical expertise, we are looking for a Volunteer Coordinator, Membership Director and folks to help staff our events during the year.

KLZR says Thank You!!!